We make games, tools, and other cool stuff.
We go wherever passion takes us. That usually means exploring new tech, writing software, and making games.
Neuston was founded by Jonas Johansson—a software engineer with two decades of experience coding games.
Volleyball Fever
Volleyball Fever is a VR sports game where you can chill out with friends online, or just play solo with bots.
Drone Hero
Drone Hero is a VR rhythm game where you fly a drone through a futuristic city, dodging obstacles and collecting coins.
Raptor is a tool that visualizes your C# code in an interactive graph. Explore call graphs, type cohesion, and code quality metrics.
Boost your project
We offer everything from technical direction to hands-on programming. We've had the privilege to work with some of the best in the industry and can't wait to see what you're up to.
Unity package that provides a fast and easy way to configure your app both locally and remotely.
Unity package that helps you figure out which assets are unused and can safely be deleted from the project.
Unity package that helps you figure out what uses an asset (directly or indirectly).
Unity package that helps you easily set up and enforce rules for your assets.
Unity package that generates a graph of the relationships between assets and lets you query it.