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Visual Studio Extension


Raptor comes with a Visual Studio extension that let's you:

  • Analyze code.
  • Measure Local Changes to see the effect on the code quality.


Raptor analyses faster in VS than in standalone, because the projects are already loaded.

Install The Extension

In Raptor, click HelpInstall Visual Studio Extension.

Visual Studio 2019 v16.5 or higher is required.

The Tool Window

In Visual Studio, click ViewOther WindowsRaptor to open the Raptor tool window.


Click Analyze to analyze the current state of the code. Once the analysis is finished, Raptor will open.

Compare local vs committed

Click Compare Local vs Committed to compare your local changes with no changes to see what the effect is.


No changes is defined as the current HEAD in your Git repository (normally the latest commit on the current branch).


Compare Local vs Committed will modify your working tree.

In this process, Raptor will stash your local changes, analyze HEAD, with the intent to unstash your local changes again. If anything goes wrong, Raptor (and Git) will try to err on the safe side, and abort.

With that said, Raptor is preview software and Neuston AB takes no responsibility for undesired effects.