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The graph is a powerful way to show the relationship between different parts of the code.

Method Graph

Click GraphMethod.

You now have an empty workbench that we can add things to.

Add a method

Press CTRL+F, write the name of a method in your code, and click Query.

If a method by that name was found, a node with that name should now be visible on the workbench.

Move a node

Click and drag the node to move it around.

Show connections

To show methods called from this method, right-click the method node and press Show Outgoing or press 2 on the keyboard.

If the method calls other methods, then those will now be visible on the workbench.

Pan and zoom


  • Zoom with CTRL + Scroll Wheel.
  • Hold down Middle Mouse Button to pan.


  • Pinch to zoom.
  • Two fingers to pan.


By default, nodes are layed out so that they flow from left to right. You can think of this as high-level to low-level.

You can switch layout in GraphLayout or by pressing L on the keyboard.