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Getting Started

Download and Install

Download and install Raptor from

Create a New Project

Start Raptor and click New Project.

  • Select your .sln file.
  • Save the Raptor project.
  • Exclude projects:
    • You can exclude projects in the solution file to make the analysis faster.
    • By default, projects with test or bughunt in the name will be excluded.
    • Click Continue.

Make Your First Analysis

Click ProjectAnalyze.

When the analysis is completed, click Continue.

Explore The Metrics

Application metrics

Click MetricsApplication.

  • Methods With Low Maintainability should ideally be 0. If it's not, you've got work to do.
  • Total Cyclomatic Complexity will naturally grow as the application's feature set grows.

Method metrics

Click MetricsMethod.

The table shows your methods and common metrics.

  • The table is sorted by the least maintainable methods first.
  • Double-click a method to view it in Visual Studio.
  • Hover over the header to get a description of the metric.
  • Click header to change sorting.

Source Control

Ignore the directory Raptor/Output in your source control software.