Visualize your code. Raise the quality.

Raptor is a tool that helps you understand the structure and quality of your C# code. Spot trends, explore relationships, and pinpoint risky code.

Quantify code quality.

Measure your code with essential metrics such as:

  • cyclomatic complexity
  • maintainability index
  • and more.

Show quality delta.

Check if your local changes made the code quality better or worse before committing.

Calculate trend charts to see where your project's code quality is heading over time.

Visualize code structure.

The interactive graph is a powerful way to explore the structure of your code.

Call graphs, dependency cycle detection, advanced queries, and more.

Pinpoint bad code.

Pick your next target from a sorted list of the worst offenders.

Double-click to go straight to Visual Studio and start refactoring.

Educate the team.

Raptor shows the essentials firs to make sure the team focuses on what's most important.

Deep-dive with online docs and in-app help when you want to know more.

Get in touch.

Reach out if Raptor looks interesting. We'll have a chat and see if it's a good fit for your team.