High quality code for everyone.

Raptor is a tool that helps you understand the structure and quality of your C# code. Spot trends, explore relationships, and pinpoint risky code.

Raise Your Quality

High code quality is important, but 'quality' needs to be quantified to have an impact. Raptor does that.

Measure your code quality with essential metrics such as cyclomatic complexity, maintainability index, type coupling, and more.

Pinpoint code that needs improvement, and see the quality impact of your changes before you commit.

Explore Your Code

Visualize and explore the structure of your code with call graphs, type graphs, and you-name-it graphs.

The Magic Link feature augments calls to interfaces with concrete implementations to see what's actually going on.

Dependency cycle detection, advanced queries, dynamic flow layout, and much more.

Empower Your Team

Raptor isn't just for the 'architect'. It's for everyone.

Raptor shows the essentials first, deep-dive on demand.

Great Experience

Slick and modern dark mode UI where almost everything is interactive. It's simply fun to use.

Integrates seamlessly in Visual Studio 2019.