Making the virtual reality games of tomorrow.

Games haven’t been this exciting in years.

— Jonas Johansson, Founder

The Company

Neuston is a game development studio with the ambitious goal to create high-quality social action games in virtual reality.

Humans are social by nature, and shared experiences create bonds like nothing else. Virtual reality allows us to augment our lives with experiences that would otherwise not be possible.

Players can see their hands and look around freely in these new worlds. Hand–eye coordination has been a staple ingredient of action games for decades, and now it’s more intuitive than ever.


The Founder

Neuston was founded in 2016 by Jonas Johansson, who has over a decade of experience in the industry — most recently lead programmer on the highly successful Angry Birds 2, and previously at Crytek and Avalanche Studios.

Bringing knowledge from the social world of mobile and the technical know-how from the AAA world, he’s determined to build a company that delivers world-class experiences for players around the globe.


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